Receipt of personal legitimately supplied prescription medication from abroad

If you have any concerns about receiving personal legitimately supplied prescription medication from abroad, please contact .


How to Report Suspicious Activities

  • You can contact us at the number or email below concerning any information you may have regarding suspicious behaviour in the supply, advertising or manufacture of health products.
  • Your information will be dealt with in confidence.
  • You can contact us by:
  • Phone numbers and email are monitored during office hours of 8am to 4pm – Monday to Friday only

Protecting Public Health through our Enforcement Activities


  • We investigate activities associated with the illegal supply, manufacture or advertising of health products.
  • We prosecute where significant risk to public health has been detected, or where compliance cannot be achieved, or other aggravating factors exist.
  • We combat the growing trade in illegal activity in health products worldwide, such as professional-looking illegal pharmacy websites, or other unauthorised sources.
  • We engage in active co-operation in our investigations with other agencies nationally, such An Garda Síochána and Customs, and with our counterparts internationally


  • If you received a letter from HPRA about a package containing health products being sent to you which has been detained by Customs, we will advise you on the legal status of the supply and the product:
    • This product may pose a health risk
  • We ask you to help us to tackle the illegal pharmacy websites that supply potentially dangerous health products and take your money without regard for your wellbeing. We will ask you for:
    • The name of the website; and
    • The name the payment method (credit or debit card brand, PayPal etc.) and date of purchase.
  • You may contact us by email, phone or letter regarding your queries on importations
  • We recommend that you do not purchase any prescription or unauthorised medicines online. For  further information please see our page on the dangers of buying prescription medicines online.
  • You can contact us at +353 1 634 3433 or e-mail