Updates to HPRA application forms, guidelines on veterinary medicines

We are updating our application forms and associated guidances to match changing legal references.  

While Regulation 2019/6 was applied throughout the European Union in January 2022, the EU continues to evolve the legal framework through a process of delegated and implementing acts. As the legislation changes, we review and update our documents and processes.

A similar situation has also arisen in relation to national legislation, with the adoption of the Veterinary Medicinal Products, Medicated Feeds and Fertiliser Regulations Act 2023 in July 2023.  Under the Act, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine will adapt the national legal framework governing veterinary medicines. Depending on their nature and impact on the authorisation and monitoring of veterinary medicines, the HPRA must update our documents, and change our application forms and guidelines to the newest format.

You can find the latest forms and guidelines elsewhere on this site.