Annual pharmacovigilance reports

The HPRA publishes a report of adverse reactions associated with veterinary medicines every year. This report contains:

  • Information about all the adverse reactions/events during the year, including:

    • Adverse effects in animals,
    • Reports of lack of expected efficacy (where the product has not worked as intended),
    • Reports of findings of residues in excess of the maximum residue limit in produce of treated food-producing animals,
    • Reports of adverse environmental events associated with the veterinary medicine.
  • A summary of important safety-related topics that arose during the year, whether from Ireland or from the European Medicines Agency.
  • Information on who made the report (pharmaceutical companies, vets, other health care professionals or animal owners).

Reporting of suspected adverse reactions/events is very important and enables the HPRA to closely monitor the benefit / risk profile of veterinary medicines in Ireland, and to better communicate with users of veterinary medicines.

Each annual report listed by year, is available to read below.

Annual pharmacovigilance report 2023

Annual pharmacovigilance report 2022

Annual pharmacovigilance report 2021

Annual pharmacovigilance report 2020

Annual pharmacovigilance report 2019

Annual pharmacovigilance report 2017 - 2018