Beware of misleading vaccine information

The HPRA does not produce COVID-19 vaccination leaflets or posters. Any COVID-19 vaccination leaflets or posters circulating – whether in print or via social media – that are portrayed as being from the HPRA are likely to be fabricated and to contain false or misleading information.

The HPRA recommends that members of the public always refer to a vaccine’s approved product information for an evidence-based list of known side effects. Links to the product information for COVID-19 vaccines, including package leaflets, are available on our website.

We also continue to publish summary information of the national reporting experience for COVID-19 vaccines. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) also publishes helpful information relating to the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Whilst not experienced by everyone, all vaccines have some side effects, the vast majority of which are mild to moderate in nature. Side effects need to be continuously balanced against the established benefits in preventing COVID-19 illness. Those vaccinated are also much less likely to get seriously ill or need to go to hospital in the event they do get COVID-19.

Misleading health information is a big problem and it is really important to only use reliable information sources. Further information on Ireland’s COVID-19 vaccination programme is available from the Department of Health and HSE websites.