Drug Safety Information for Healthcare Professionals

Safety Communications

A core goal of the HPRA is to ensure that all our stakeholders have timely access to relevant information on safety issues or benefit/risk evaluations of human medicines. Approximately six or seven issues of the HPRA’s Drug Safety Newsletter are distributed annually to doctors, pharmacists, nurses and dentists. All publications are circulated by email and all are available to download from the Publications section of this website.

The HPRA is also involved in the provision of articles relating to the safety of medicines for external safety publications. Irish Medicines Formulary (IMF) is a non-promotional medicines reference specific for Ireland and includes the relevant prescribing information for all medicines (brands, branded generics and true generics) available in Ireland. IMF is published bi-annually, in February and August. The HPRA provides two articles for inclusion in the Irish Medicines Formulary (IMF) together with a copies of the HPRA Adverse Reaction Report and Quality Defect Report forms.

MIMS Ireland (Monthly Index of Medical Specialties) is an independently edited publication designed as a prescribing guide primarily for general practitioners, which is published monthly with a number of supplements for specialist areas. The HPRA provide approximately 14 relevant articles to MIMS Ireland annually for inclusion in its publications

All the articles that appear in MIMS Ireland and the IMF are available in the Safety Notices section of this website.