Non-technical project summaries

In accordance with the national legislation, projects involving animals must be evaluated by the HPRA before they can be carried out. In order to obtain HPRA authorisation, projects need to meet the following criteria:

a. The project is justified from a scientific or educational or legal point of view,
b. The purposes of the project justify the use of animals, and
c. The project is designed so as to enable procedures to be carried out in the most humane and environmentally sensitive manner possible.

*Please note the below was originally published prior to our name changing to HPRA in July 2014 and therefore references the name Irish Medicines Board (IMB).We publish non-technical project summary reports in respect of authorised projects.

HPRA role

  • We are obliged to ensure that following authorisation of a project, the NTPS is published, subject to safeguarding intellectual property rights and confidential information.
  • We are also obliged to ensure that the NTPS is updated with any changes to the project authorisation that may affect the information published in the original NTPS.
  • The format and structure of the NTPS is established by the European Commission, and it is a requirement that it is written in language that is easily understood. However, the use of some technical terms is unavoidable.


Guidance and Application Forms

  • The relevant guidance and template form for submitting a NTPS are available in the Publications and Forms section.Queries in relation to completing a NTPS should be addressed during the project assessment stage or sent to

Publication of NTPS

  • Non-technical project summaries (NTPSs) are collated and released quarterly.
  • Published NTPS reports are available for all projects authorised from the 1st January 2013.
  • Published NTPS reports will remain accessible to the public for a period of three years after the expiry of the project authorisation.



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