Opinions, advice and guidance from the National Committee

The primary function of the National Committee is to advise the animal welfare bodies (AWBs) and the HPRA on matters dealing with the acquisition, breeding, accommodation, care and use of animals in procedures and to ensure the sharing of best practice. However, the Committee may also make its advice more widely available where it considers that the matters are of wider interest. If the Committee chooses to develop general advice, any intellectual property shared with the Committee as part of the background to the original request or during the elaboration of the advice will be fully respected. The Committee shall decide how best to make any general advice available to stakeholders, but may decide to publish it on the website.
Opinions of matters considered by the Committee are found in the hyperlink(s) below:

Criteria to use to justify the conduct of the same test procedures in two species.

Advice relating to certain training courses covering bovine artificial insemination (AI) and ultrasound scanning of the bovine reproductive tract

Information Officer

Guidance documents from the National Committee are found in the hyperlinks below:

Guidance on the role of the Information Officer

Guidance on training and CPD for Information Officers