3Rs Information - Alternatives to animal testing


This article provides information on alterative approaches, along with other useful resources focussed on non-animal approaches.

Non-animal models for research

The European Union Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL-ECVAM) has curated information on non-animal models employed in the study of various diseases, including:

Respiratory tract diseases
Breast cancer
Neurodegenerative disease

Non-animal-derived antibodies

In 2020, EURL ECVAM issued a recommendation regarding the use of animals for antibody development and production. This document is essential for researchers who currently rely on animal-based methods for the antibody production.

Innovative cell-based assay for Botulinum Neurotoxin Type B

Botulinum neurotoxins play a crucial role in human medicine. They are produced by Clostridium bacteria. The University of Sheffield has recently developed a cell-based assay  for testing the relevant Serotype B. Compared to the traditional mouse bioassay the new test promises improved accuracy and sensitivity.

European Commission conference on non-animal approaches

In 2016, the EU Commission organised a conference on alternatives to animal testing. The meeting report provides valuable insights and includes links to the presentations and video recordings.


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